About Slanted Objects

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Slanted Objects comprises a collection of hand-pulled prints and handmade goods for sale online. The shop is an extension of myself, and my art practice.

Inspired wholly by my everyday surroundings, environments, and the process of creating, they have become a frequent theme within my work. This has led me to design and create my own products, depicting a sense of wonder in them.

Most often made from using sustainable materials, preference is always given to re-using materials that are second-hand, locally-sourced and to non-toxic materials whenever possible, to reduce the use of natural resources. Due to the availability and the nature of materials and processes, all goods are limited edition and often one of a kind.

Slanted Objects aims to create extraordinary and useful things, objects that everyone can adorn their houses with. I would love nothing more than to share them with you, from my home to yours.


About my Prints

All works are very labour intensive and of the highest quality. They are hand-drawn directly onto blocks of wood, hand-carved, and then hand-printed using a barren onto acid-free paper. This results in every print being unique and are in fairly small editions of 20 or less.

Due to the nature of the printing process, applying ink onto each block in exactly the same manner and transfering the ink from each block onto the paper in exact same way is not entirely possible.

There will be some variations in woodblock printing between prints, and with careful handling, I only select the best copies printed into my editions.


About my Handmade objects

In giving products a second life, using what is already existing, I repurpose abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting and they are only available in limited pieces.

As a result, the number of items made from Slanted Objects really depends on how much any one material I can find. Some are only one-offs, and for items in limited-edition, production runs can go as low as 3 pieces and up to 20 pieces, and each item is hand-numbered by either colour or style.


I hope you enjoy my prints and handmade items as much as I have enjoyed making them.¬†Above all, my work represents my hope to lessen the world’s waste, one item at a time.