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I was born and raised in Singapore, where I also live and work. I have been doing art for about seven years, and I am very lucky that my mother, whom I am inspired and am greatly influenced by (in art and in life), is also a creative person (an artisan).

I enjoy all things handmade, the slow, the labourious, the do-it-yourself kind of ethos.

In 2012, a short apprenticeship in ceramics triggered my desire to go back and focus on printmaking, as I never felt quite at home with the ceramics process. I have found my preferred medium for presenting my images in their final form.

In printmaking, I am endlessly fascinated by the sensory exploration of the process: the sight, the smell, the feel, the sound, and taste (rarely so). It influences me to carry on my learning, where I prefer to learn in a direct manner: hands-on, learning a skill as it is done by, making mistakes, and under the tutelage of professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable and active in their practices.

I seek to contextualise my experience with contemporary printmaking within an understanding of its history, and more importantly, to contribute to the local scene.