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Title: Panorama: Results & Findings I & II
Medium: Mixed Media Monoprint – Relief and Intaglio
Size of Results & Findings I : 25.5cm x 35.5cm
Size of Results & Findings II : 59.4cm x 42cm
Year: 2013

Inspired by my immediate surroundings, the works are a result of my endless fascinations and curiosities. My interest lies in the idea of different perspectives of objects and places, of memories and of revisitations, as I portray the often overlooked areas of life.

In this work, I have used a found ‘matrix’, where a collaborative drawing of those whom I used to work with, was done ‘unconsciously’. It revolves around concerning what it means to ‘come together’, of how work is structured, and how communication and collaboration are two of the most important tools in this process, where the print being pulled becomes a tangible evidence, a record of history of the communal usage of the cutting mat over a period of time.