Artist’s Statement

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Untitled IV, Mixed-media Monotype, 2015.

‘To be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar, it is taken for granted.’ – Bill Bryson

The realms of the unknown and the known of the everyday intrigues me. By being both an observer and a participant, my work unfolds out of a deep fascination to use the metaphor of movement to express and capture the fleeting moments of daily life, where I use them as subjects for my work.

Materials such as time, space, situations and unspoken ideas are used, carried out via drawing, printmaking and video. I view the drawing form as a representation of motion – of how it starts and ends in movement. It can carry on without closure or completion, continually part of a process, never-ending.

I also use printmaking to create my drawings, where I see a print as a representation of a process, a residue of the past. The daily changeability of states is a process of endless moving, constantly reviewing and forever changing – forms, elements and events, moving and shifting over time, very much like a living organism.